Casiokids 10!

October 16, 2014

Design by Blank Blank / Petri Henriksson

Design by Blank Blank / Petri Henriksson

Hi Everyone!

In 2014 Casiokids have been around for 10 years (!), playing concerts, doing workshops, art installations, theatre productions, music for pizza commercials in Hawaii, video games, dance productions and who knows what else! I just counted the concerts listed at to 521 (!). Thank you all for making this happen! On November 29th we’ll celebrate with a special special 522nd show, playing alongside musician friends at Hulen in Bergen, interpreting the meagre Casiokids back catalogue between us.

You don’t live in Bergen you say? Well, we will record the show, audio and video, and everyone can join in on the fun. Leading up to the show we’ll also post pictures, videos and unreleased songs, remixes and demos on facebook, twitter, soundcloud and happyjokes using the hashtag #Casiokids10.

Here’s to 521 (522 if you count the Nov 29th) more,


(Tickets and more info for the concert at Hulen HERE + facebookevent HERE)

LIVE LIVE LIVE at Hulen nov 29th>>>>>>>>!!!!!

Young Dreams
The Megaphonic Thrift
Herr Nilsson
Silja Sol
O. Martin
Maylen Rusti


DJ: Skatebård


House of Foundation, Moss

Takk til alle som så oss på House of Foundation i Moss!

Ketil’s Afrosynth Mixxx

August 1, 2014

Takk, Bergen!

July 26, 2014

Tall Ships Bergen


July 15, 2014

Takk til alle som så oss på Ranglerock og Ikkjevel i helgen!

Ikkjevel, 2014

Selection by Ketil.


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