Hulen + Casiokids birthday party!

Tuesday september 15th we’ll throw a party in the honor of the best venue in Bergen turning 40 (and Casiokids turning 5!). The night’s program will include competitions, cinema (Police Academy 1), cakes, cookies and concert. everyone that bakes a cake comes in for free, and there will be awards for best costume. Info in Norwegian + time schedule at the end of the post.

Hulen sept 15th

Dont you know Hulen?

Basically it’s an old bomb shelter turned into a student venue already in the 60’s, and it’s the oldest rock club in northern Europe.
Hulen is quite rough, water dripping from the ceiling when it’s raining, and the beer is a bit flat and slightly warm and the sound system in the disco sounds horrible. Yet, there is something appealing about it all, a curiosity for this almost prehistoric (1960’s) cave site (also with cave drawing of man-drinking-beer on the white painted cave walls!).
Arriving at the venue, for a start, is special. One enters through a gate almost invisible behind some bushes near the student area at Nygårdshøyden, walks down the cave hallway into the main room which is divided into three sections: The disco, the stage and the bar. It used to be a wooden floor in the whole venue, but that’s changed most places now, making it slightly more clean (I fear people were trapped under it when they changed it which might be the reason behind the hint of death-smell apparent in the room).

I used to work there as a volunteer when I first moved to Bergen from my home town of Stavanger in 2001, being a guard, washing the toilets with fire hose (standing 5 meters from the actual toilet directing the fire hose towards it. Also an effective way of getting out the last guests who might have ended their night sleeping there). And I also DJ-ed there 2003-2004, the height of my Dj career being getting a pint thrown at me when putting on Justin Timberlake (after all, it is a rock venue). Its just one of those places where you feel safe, at home, and it’s  more of a family working there instead of a group of students. It feels socially acceptable to go bananas on the dancefloor, and I guess, if you really wanted to, you could go there only wearing a barrel on saturday nights when it’s really packed without getting too much unwanted attention. Might want to leave your pink clothes and fez at home (they might get stained, and fez is likely to fall off at the low ceiling at the entrance). It feels a bit like a festival site there at all times (you’re allowed to come unwashed), and it has a really lovely shambolic unpretentious feel to it.

We’ve performed at Hulen many times with Casiokids, the most memorable concert being in 2007 where we had our friend Marte opening for us doing pantomime (politically charged!), and also having our shadow puppet group with us featuring shadow trainees from Poland and Mexico helping them behind the screen. That made for an interesting after-party, communication-wise.

Some people in Bergen never go to other places than Hulen all their life (this is what I like to believe anyway), and they live a happy life.




Hulen feirer sin 40-årsdag og Casiokids feirer sin 5-årsdag tirsdag 15.september! La oss alle møtes på Hulen og feire
dagen sammen! Kvelden vil bli arrangert slik vi selv husker bursdagsselskap da vi i Casiokids var unge på slutten av 80-tallet, med
rikelig mengde E-stoffrikt godteri, pink panter-brus, kaker, inkluderende selskapsleker og filmvisning.

Politiskolen 1 vises i Hulens kino (i diskoen) halv 10 etterfulgt av konkurranser og diverse selskapsleker arrangert av Digitalteateret. Vi kommer til å ofre en Pinata,
og blant annet leke “morder i mørket”.  For øvrig blir det gratis inngang om du har med hjemmelaget kake! Husk glasur! Og for guds skyld – ikle deg noe minneverdig, fortrinnsvis et kostyme
(forslag til kostyme:  Et dyr, vår nye statsminister (Siv Jensen?), politi, kjeltring++).
I løpet av konkurransedelen av kvelden (altså tiden mellom Politiskolen og konserten) vil det også bli premier for beste mustasj og beste kake.

Man får velge premier fra 3 ulike hyller:
1. hylle: Dagspass til EKKO-lørdag + billetter til Hulen-konserter
2.hylle: Casiokids-effekter
3. hylle: Klistremerker, buttons, frukt ++


21* dørene åpner
21:30 * Politiskolen 1 (96 min)
23:15 * konkurranser og prisutdeling
00 * Konsertstart
01 * Olli (Shake up) snurrer plater ut kvelden

CC: 150,-

Gratis styrkedrikk til de 30 første!


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