Topp stemning på lokal bar

Design by Blank Blank

Announcement alarm. 15th of february Universal Norway will release a compilation on CD of the 4 singles we gave out last year. It also comes with a bonus CD made up of our favorite remixes, remakes and translations done by others and for others. All the songs have been remastered by our friend Andreas Tilliander, and the design was done by Blank Blank. So, Norway only for a start, more news on releases elsewhere coming up soon soon! So, you other countries can still download most of these songs under the release section.


CD 1

Grønt lys i alle ledd
Togens hule
Verdens største land
Fot i hose
Finn bikkjen!
En vill hest
Min siste dag


Verdens største land (Velferd remix)
Fot i hose (Captain Credible remix)
Det snurrer (Casiokids remake of “Det snurrar i min skalle” by Familjen)
Verdens største land (Captain Credible remix)
Fot i hose (Axemax & Big P remix)
Hun er min venstre hånd (by James Yuill, featuring Casiokids)
Fot i hose (Lo-Fi-Fnk remix)
Verdens største land (Axemax & Big P remix)

En vill hest music video, by Kristoffer Borgli coming soon!


One thought on “Topp stemning på lokal bar

  1. I’m hoping that a UK release will follow (and maybe a headlining tour?) – we had so much fun last night at your Birmingham gig. Thanks!

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