Q + A

Q: Hi! Im back!

A: Not sure if I should be happy or…

Q: Give me a break. Im just here to clear up some stuff, questions your audience have been wondering about.

A: Ok, shoot.

Q: First of all, whats up with this new release “Topp stemning på lokal bar”? Ive been asking around, checking Facebook, reading on your Myspace, even Google-translated Norwegian reviews. Im still confused. How can I get hold of it and what’s on there?

A: Ah, well, so far it’s only out in Norway, but it will be released in Denmark on Alarm april 26th and in the US on Polyvinyl june 8th. As it’s a collection of the singles we released last year it’s most likely available in your country as a download already, song by song, or if you want a hard copy and it’s not been released in your country you could order directly from one of our labels. The first batch of CDs has a bonus disc as well with remixes, remakes and translations that you cant get anywhere else so far though. But stay in there, it’s slowly spreading, hopefully to where you live. Wherever that may be?

Q: That answer felt more like a punch in the face than clearing up anything. Oh well, I give up. Can I at least see you play live this summer?

A: Sure. We’re playing many summer festivals, Øya in Oslo, Roskilde in Denmark, Be2gether in Lithuania, Pohoda in Slovakia, Rått og Råde in Stavanger, and many more that we will announce soon.

Q: Bluffer! Ok, but what about this mini-Øya thing you’re doing with the theatre group on june 26th?

A: It’s the children’s theatre project we did for the Meteor festival in Bergen last year, where we do music and sound effects live on stage for their puppetry and animation performance called “Gomurskogen”.

Q: Will that be available anywhere as video?

A: Yes, it has already been filmed by our friends Sandra and Åshild, and excerpts will be edited and up on the web soon.

Q: How come you sing in Norwegian?

A: In the beginning we actually decided not to sing, and only used human voices sampled from audio books and interviews we did ourselves. As we experimented more with vocal harmonies in the studio be decided to follow the idea of making something as true to our everyday lives and personal experiences as possible, hence using the Norwegian language. I truly believe one of our main goals as artists and musicians have to be to create something unique and original, and the norwegian language was for us a natural part to achieve just that.

Q: What are your songs about, are there any reoccuring themes in your lyrics?

A: I general there are a lot of humor. Im very much inspired by authors such as Daniil Kharms, Ivor Cutler and Amos Tutuola, and I think to a lesser or greater extent that has been influential in my writing. The existential ideas and humor of the films of Woody Allen is also a big influence for me. So if one is to try and see some reoccurring themes and styles in my lyrics I think surrealism, a little bombastic simplicity and some existential thoughts are thrown in there quite often. At least that is often my intention. Take the lyrics for En vill hest for instance. In short Its about taking control of your own destiny, which can sometimes be very hard. I like to think that I live my life like I was on the back of a wild horse, keep holding on to it no matter how hard and sudden it twists and turns, making my own decisions and look my challenges straight into the eye. Those were the main ideas when I wrote the lyric at least, and its up to others to decide if I managed to achieve what I set out to do. I think Kristoffer Borgli (the director of the “En vill hest” music video) has interpreted the lyrics really nicely with the main character battling this mysterious spell that has fallen upon him and taking control of it. I’ve posted some of the lyrics in English here on Happyjokes and intend to publish more soon.

Q: Would you call your music electro music? Or indie electro perhaps? I need labels.

A: Any genre names or general music terms is very much a turn off for me, though at times
I can surely appreciate the filtering when I look for new music to excite me. Electro is one of those genre names I have a slight problem with as so much of contemporary pop music can be put into this category that really doesn’t give you any idea of what to expect. Many genre names seem very silly to me, for instance indie, a term that was put on this genre after Columbus first heard it and thought it was music from India, yet turned out to be some obscure UK band with untuned guitars.


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