Tony Allen interview!

Tony Allen, afrobeat drummer and former Fela Kuti bandmate, is by some considered the true father of the afrobeat sound. Fela wrote sheet music for all his musicians except Allen, letting him come up with his own rhythmical inventions – and hence afrobeat drumming was born. This interview was conducted with Mr Allen in Paris, France at a café near his home in October 2008 by Klubb Kannibal member Audinho. The English voiceover is brand new, and the whole interview has been reedited. It was originally a part of Klubb Kannbal radio documentary The legacy of Fela (Norwegian: Arven etter Fela), broadcast on the Student Radio of Bergen, Norway mid 2009, made by Ketil Kinden Endresen (Casiokids/Klubb Kannibal), Geir Svensson (Klubb Kannibal/part time live musician with Casiokids), and Audinho (Klubb Kannibal).

Klubb Kannibal DJs and Tony Allen play Nattjazz in Bergen Saturday 29th of May. Both Casiokids and Tony Allen play Øya festival in August.

TONY ALLEN Klubb Kannibal Feature. May 2010 by Audinho da Vitrola by Klubb Kannibal


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