On the office stereo


2 thoughts on “On the office stereo

  1. Hi. This was a fantastic video! I have seen some of the others too. I didn`t know about You until now. I will be a dedicated member and post Your news on my wall etc. I love music. I love the old stuff..and some new of course. Please let me know if You arrange something in Oslo/Akershus. I am an artist in many ways..and I make my own songs, sing and perform. But I don`t have a band or have released anything-yet!. I have used and gotten help from musicians from the theatregroup I am a member of, as actress, singer and whrighter. They have been “my band” during our theatreperformanses. Thank You for beeing on Facebook! I am from Norway. Best regards, Ingun, the lioness 😉

  2. En av godfavorittene mine fra gamledager. Husker de spilte den her av og til naar de trengte aa fylle tid paa NRK.

    Du kan finne fullversjonen paa en DVD av Paul McCartney’s animasjoner.

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