Chewing the fat with…Olafur Arnalds

New section here at Happyjokes, and it’s called Chewing the fat…! 4th and 5th of March 2010 Casiokids played Reykjavik in Iceland where we met up with musician Olafur Arnalds in his studio (well, in fact we meet him in the room next to his studio where a fashion designer friend works. Hence the pictures and the showroom dummy). We had a little chat, and here it is!

If you would like to listen and learn more about Olafur Arnalds please go to his Myspace. Its truly amazing music!

Thanks to Robert Aron Magnusson and Iceland Airwaves for helping setting this meeting up.

The clip was made by Omar, Ketil and Utne.


3 thoughts on “Chewing the fat with…Olafur Arnalds

  1. Nå fikk jeg tårer i øyekroken, og jeg må si uka straks ble mye bedre. Dere er knallfine alle sammen! Måtte dele det med resten av verden. Love you!!!

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