Voting has started. Casiokids need your help!

The legendary Norwegian band a-ha have decided to grant 1 000 000 NOK (or approx. 150 000 USD / 100 000 GBP) to each of 4 upcoming Norwegian acts to help their careers on the way.

Casiokids have been so lucky as to be nominated for the grant, and as it is a competition decided through internet voting we would very much appreciate your help. Two clicks will be all we need.

This is of course an amazing opportunity for Casiokids, and will make it possible to tour the world and record a new album.

Please help us by following one of these voting alternatives. Your contribution will only need 2 clicks, and it will be very much appreciated.


You will need to select “Casiokids” and press the button “Stem”.

Then in the next frame, you will need to enter an e-mail address for the vote to count, and then press “Registrer”. (Not sure if this needs to be an existing address or not, but no confirmation seem to be needed.)

After you’ve pressed “Registrer”, you can close the window.


Should the link above not work for some reason you can also go to THIS ARTICLE.

Scroll down to where it says STEM PÅ DIN FAVORITT HER, choose Casiokids and then register an e-mail address.

Casiokids headquarters thank you so much for voting!




(…) in connection with the farewell-tour, a-ha is giving support for new talent by granting four promising Norwegian artists/acts 1 million Norwegian Kroner each – giving away a total of € 500.000 of the band’s own money.
The winners will be presented to a larger audience during the last four stadium shows a-ha ever do in their native Norway in August and September 2010.
From a list of about 50 candidates, eight finalists were chosen by a-ha and a special jury to compete for the four awards. The bands are performing in pairs at four regional VG Lista festivals and winners will be chosen by popular vote.


6 thoughts on “Voting has started. Casiokids need your help!

  1. Thank you/takk/merci to everyone that has voted! We’ll try to reach around the globe with this prize and visit each and every one of you. XXXX Casiokids HQ.

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