Volda > Mexico City > Murmansk

We’ve never been big on tour planning. I remember such trips as Bern-Milano-Glasgow (driving), or Lofoten-San Francisco and Berlin-Bukuresti-Kirkenes or Bergen-Cologne-Vilnius-Oslo, or….Re (Vestfold)-Barcelona-Lillehammer. Still, in April 2011 we will probably fly a route no man has ever flown before as we embark on the VoldaMexico City-Murmansk Tour. As a last attempt to show that being there for you are so much better than, lets say, stream a concert from our studio to a shared Volda-Mexico City-Murmansk server, we will shake your hand in person and dance with you in places we have never danced before.

08.04.11 Norway, Volda, Rokken
14.04.11 Mexico, Mexico City, Shock the world tour
16.04.11 Russia, Murmansk, Nordiske dager @ Magnet


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