Japan Benefit Compilation

We’ve contributed to Japan Benefit Compilation “3.11.11”, available now digitally at the Polyvinyl web store. Support our Japanese friends!

All profits from sales of this benefit album will be donated to the American Red Cross to support the International Red Cross in their ongoing relief efforts.

(The record will also see a limited release on red vinyl on September 16.)

Japan 3.11.11:

01 Deerhoof: “Giga Dance (Live)”
02 Love Is All: “Pappas Tant”
03 Efterklang: “Alike (Opiate Remix)”
04 Birthmark: “Big Man”
05 Kit: “Brass Palms”
06 Shugo Tokumaru: “Video Killed the Radio Star”
07 Asobi Seksu: “Vicious Bears”
08 Caithlin De Marrais: “Sorry”
09 Alright: “Moving”
10 Owen: “Guest List”
11 Pele: “Pequod”
12 Take Care: “Living Forever”
13 Toe: “Ordinary Day”
14 Xiu Xiu: “Hyunhye’s Theme (Acoustic)”
15 David Bazan: “American Flags”
16 XBXRX: “Want”
17 Midstress: “Too Many Shoes, Not Enough Feet”
18 Starfucker: “The Wisdom of Insecurity”
19 of Montreal: “Sex Karma (St. Vincent Remix)”
20 Casiokids: “London Zoo”
21 Lizard Police: “Same Socks”
22 Joan of Arc: “Steady (Demo)”
23 Common Loon: “A Moment in Energy Transfers”




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