On nynning / Merry X-mas

Ive been asking around to try and find a proper English translation for the Norwegian verb “nynne”. I am yet to find a good English word for this concept, and
I fear there may not be a word for it at all. The translator I found on Google suggested the English “to hum”. Still, it does not quite cover the whole aspect
of the art of “nynning”. Nynning is basically “to hum with your mouth open”. La-la-la – ing is close, yet it is quite restricted around the sound “La”. Same goes for
“tra-la-la”-ing. No, I think the only way to show you is by giving the microphone to our friend Ben. His nynning is world class, and he’s been nynning since he was a small boy in Stavanger where he nynned his way around town on his bike. Feddi and me found some of these nynns quite addictive and catchy, and we even recorded some of the melodies with our casios at home, and used it in a couple of songs that were later to become Casiokids songs. This is Ben now, nynning a seasonal treat.
Merry Christmas to everyone!


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