I know, I know. Its a bit too early for summer. Its only April. Still lots to happen before summer starts properly. But we are planning, and you are hopefully too.

15.06.12 France, Toulon, Rockorama
27.06.12 UK, London, Camden Barfly – XFM X-posure night 
29.06.12 UK, London, Leefest
30.06.12 UK, Gloucestershire, Winterwell festival
12.07.12 Belgium, Dour, Dour Festival
13.07.12 France, Tours, Rayon Frais
21.07.12 Norway, Nordfjoreid, Malakoff Festival
03.08.12 UK, Standon, Standon Calling
24.08.12 Germany, Hannover, Bootboohook festival
25.08.12 Germany, Ulm, Obstwiesenfestival


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