Casiokids Limerick Competition!

July 12 and July 13rd Casiokids have the best Limerick conditions ever, as we will tour in Dour (Belgium) and Tours (France) (silent “s”).

We would of course be silly not to make a happening of this, hence launching the first ever CASIOKIDS LIMERICK COMPETITION. Yes, it’s on.

So, if you have no idea what a Limerick is (where have you been the last 167 years!??), here’s an example from Edward Lear, who popularized the genre with his “Book of Nonsense” (1845):

There was an Old Man with a beard,
Who said, “It is just as I feared! —
Two Owls and a Hen,
Four Larks and a Wren,
Have all built their nests in my beard.

Post your poem to our Limerick event on Facebook or mail it to us at

the winner will get his Limerick presented during our concerts in Dour and Tours.

Casiokids play at Dour Festival in Dour (Belgium) Thursday July 12th (, and Rayons Frais in Tours (France) Friday July 13th (


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