Ivor Cutler in Loop Magazine

Loop Magazine

The new Loop magazine is out, featuring my piece on Ivor Cutler! Looks great.

Loop is a UK based kids magazine that can be found everywhere from Bristol to Berlin and Taipei.

See who stocks it here or order it here.


“Ivor Cutler was a mad cat, a one-of-a-kind author and musician who lived from 1923 till 2006. He could often be seen by his little pump organ or by the piano, wearing crazy hats, delivering his humoristic and absurd lyrics with a monotonous dead pan voice, as is the case in his song “I’m Happy (and I’ll punch the man who says I’m not)”, his masterpiece from 1967.

 After being kicked out of the Royal Air Force for “dreaminess”, Ivor pursued a career as music and drama teacher in London, making songs and poems on the side. He said once that “the intellect doesn’t come from the person, it comes from people telling you how to do things”, and another time he said “life is better if you wear pretty socks”. Upon giving his class the assignment of drawing a horse he applauded the boy who drew 14 legs on the horse because he “though it looked better that way”.

In his house he was proud to have an ivory cutlery set (get it?), so he had a strange sense of humour, indeed!

To watch Ivor in action, search ‘Ivor Cutler Happy’ on Youtube.”


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