Danke Schön, Freiburg!

Just came back from what has been a very inspiring and fun week making music and videos with the local 12 year old kids in Freiburg, Germany, with Mario Urban! A special thanks to everyone at ArTik, Kirsten, Sandra, Markus, Julia, André, Peter and Susanne. Also a huge danke schön to Captain Credible and Robin […]

Casiokids Interpret The History of Music in 45 Minutes

MUSIKKBIBLIOTEKET, STAVANGER NORDIC MUSIC WEEK SEPT 29TH 2012, 14H Using the music catalogue at the Music Library in Stavanger, the musicians of Casiokids will interpret the history of music, chronologically (where applicable) in 45 min. During the performance we will need help from the audience to collect musical examples from the CD catalogue to represent […]