Regarding the name Happyjokes

People may ask themselves, “why the name: happyjokes?”. Why not something simpler, and more natural as maybe “casioblog” or quite simply “”?
Or maybe you haven’t asked yourself this at all and it is just now, when Im bringing up this “problem” that you realize for the first time what the blog is called.

The name happyjokes came to me when I was in Nigeria in october 2008 to make a radio documentary with my friends Audun and Geir from the world music troupe Klubb Kannibal.
We were there to make a documentary on the afro-beat legend Fela Kuti, and visited his birth town of Abeokuta when we spotted a sign saying “happyjokes!”. As the sign was a bit far away
it was hard to read any other information than this, and we never found out what kind of things they sold or offered in this particular house of happiness.
One might only guess it’s meaning and use, but it somehow stuck in my head. I wondered what I could use this name for. Could I maybe open a café with this name? Or could I maybe even call my firstborn (whenever
he/she might be born) this unusual yet interesting name and hope that my child’s view on life might be a happy one? As these thoughts coincided with the idea that I wanted to change into a more communicative page it struck me as a neat idea to call the new page happyjokes. After all it’s positive, maybe double up so as a joke rarely is unhappy, and it is also an invitation to having a good time with us.
Might not only be positive, and life rarely is, still it is a hope that it can be a bit more peaceful and amusing than chatting on the spam and commercial infested myspace. As you’ll see from the
contact section Ive also set up a mail you can use for unbookingrelated questions: hotmail (a)

Just as our music is labeled with a happyjokes name (see! you can use this word for anything! f.ex.: in substitute for “cheers” or “so long”) we don’t necessarily write silly music, though we might
look silly playing it. Well, just wanted to inform you.


(attached: somewhere near the real happyjokes in Abeokuta, Nigeria)

Abeokuta, Nigeria


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